Ideal 1050 x 400 Indirect Stainless Steel Vented Cylinder

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This 1050 x 400 indirect stainless steel vented cylinder from Ideal comes with industry leading 35mm HCFC free insulation and has a exceptionally low standing heat loss, inanticipation of EUP regulations. The insulation of Ideal's stainless steel vented cylinders incorporates Polyol which is derived from rapeseed oil - a fully renewable resource, with an industry leading Global Warming Potential of 0.7 and with a duplex stainless steel internal cylinder, the product is fully recyclable at the end of its working life.

  • 1050mm x 400mm (42" x 16")

  • 114 Litres capacity

  • 2017 ErP compliant

  • 22mm Compression fittings

  • Tapping positions to BS1566 specifications

  • Duplex stainless steel

  • 100% recyclable

Ideal Boilers
Manufacturer Product Number
Manufacturers Warranty
10 Years (Subject to Manufacturers T&C's)
Cylinder Type
Cylinder Material
Stainless steel Cylinder
Height (Metric)
Width (Metric)
Product Questions
When do you deliver to my area?
We prefer to take the guess work out, Give our store a call now on 0208 3123720 and we will check stock, and give you a date on the call.
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What is a vented cylinder?
A vented cylinder is one that is connected to a water tank by a vent pipe. The water contained in the cylinder is not pressurised and relies on height (known as the head) in order to form its water pressure. Most common Vented water cylinders are copper and either foam or jacket lagged to insulate from heat loss. Newer models of vented cylinders are also now available in stainless steel.
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