HydroGuard 0.16L Stainless Steel Shock Arrestor

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HydroGuard™ shock arrestors are built to reduce or eliminate hydraulic shock, otherwise known as water hammer. They do this by absorbing pressure surges within water or other fluids that are suddenly stopped or forced in other directions by fast closing valves. HydroGuard™ shock arrestors are best used at the point of shock and should be installed as close to the valve or piping where the shock originates from.

HydroGuard™ shock arrestors are designed with the latest diaphragm technology. A high grade butyl diaphragm is sealed inside the vessel creating a barrier between fluid and air chambers. The air chamber acts as a cushion which compresses when system pressure suddenly increases or surges as a result of hydraulic shock. HydroGuard™ shock arrestors are quality tested at several stages along the production line to ensure the structural integrity of every tank.


  • Single diaphragm design

  • Stainless steel

  • Two part polyurethane, epoxy primed paint finish

  • Leak free, o-ring sealed air valve cap

  • Comprehensive testing

  • No maintenance

  • Factory Set Precharge - 3.5 Bar

  • Maximum Working Pressure - 10 Bar

  • Maximum Temperature - 90°C / 194°F

  • Connection - 1/2"

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